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Director, Producer, writer, graphic designer, photographer

“Red Serpent” –Theatrical feature film

An action adventure film directed by Gino Tanasescu and shot entirely in Moscow against the backdrop of Red Square and the Kremlin starring Roy Scheider and Michael Paré.

"Thanksgiving Day" - NBC Movie
"...fitfully funny...because of the valiantly deft direction by Gino Tanasescu." -Jay Sharbutt, BOSTON HERALD


"****1/2" -BLOCKBUSTER Guide to Movies and Videos

"...devilishly good black comedy..." -Miles Beller,


A two-hour NBC Movie of the Week starring Mary Tyler Moore, Tony Curtis and Joe Bologna.

"Tarzan: The Epic Adventures" - Syndicated Worldwide Television Series

A one-hour action-adventure television series shot entirely in South Africa recreating the fantastical stories of the original Tarzan books by Edgar Rice Burroughs and freely incorporating CGI and bluescreen effects. Mr. Tanasescu directed multiple episodes.

"America's Great Parks" - Discovery Channel Special

"magnificent, not-to-be-missed" two-hour special. -Joan Van Tassel, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

A two-hour primetime special aired on the Discovery Channel. This IMAX-like show incorporates historical recreations in Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite with CGI effects seamlessly woven through the exquisite beauty of the three parks.


Mr. Tanasescu Directed and Produced the special.

"The Motown Time Capsules" -Universal MCA "Brilliantly written and produced by Gino Tanasescu...fascinating and

eminently worthy of repeated viewings." -VIDEO PICKS: PEOPLE MAGAZINE


Creator/Writer/Producer/Director of two hour long shows spanning the pop culture and historical events of the 60's and 70's to the enduring music of Motown.

"Dead Pan Alley" -PBS Comedy Pilot

"...'Gary Shandling' meets 'Blade Runner.'" -SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

EMMY award for Mr. Tanasescu's direction of this PBS comedy pilot starring the Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre comedy troupe.


"Drexell's Class" -Fox series starring Dabney Coleman


"Baby Boom" -NBC series starring Kate Jackson.


"The 'Slap' Maxwell Story" -ABC series starring Dabney Coleman.


"Palmerstown" -CBS hour-long series created and produced by Alex Haley and Norman Lear.


"Salute Your Shorts" -Nickelodeon Series

Multi-episode Director on the Nickelodeon series produced by Propaganda Films. Teens' hi jinxes at summer camp.

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